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The first Annual Ruben Budelli Conference will be led by Dr. Carmen Sandi, with the title “Powering the social brain: Mitochondria and metabolism in social behavior”. Dr. Sandi leads the Behavioral and Genetics Laboratory at the Brain Mind Institute of EPFL. Her research focuses on the impact of stress on the brain and various cognitive processes, ranging from molecular to behavioral levels.

This event pays tribute to Professor Ruben Budelli (1941-2017), a pillar of the development of neuroscience in Uruguay. Ruben stood out as an interdisciplinary researcher, helping to bridge various scientific areas in the country, and pioneering the application of the computational sciences to biological systems. His leading role in training several generations of neuroscientists and in the development of Uruguay’s scientific institutions after the restoration of democracy in the country makes his impact on Uruguay’s science remain current. The joviality, curiosity, and generosity he brought to his role as a researcher and educator make his many students and collaborators celebrate him with affection at this event.

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